Your Weekly Update

NASWKY Wish List!

We are having so much fun working together as a Board, growing our  committees, and reaching out to meet and share ideas about our profession across Kentucky!  Our goals are grand ones but nothing we can’t accomplish with YOUR input and inspiration.  We are excited to travel the state visiting as many of our 22 schools that offer social work courses and degrees.  We are ready and willing to come to your agencies, non-profits, health care centers, etc., and chat with you about social work. We are busy planning our Lobby Day for March 7, 2017 and want to hear your thoughts so we can make this Lobby Day the biggest one ever.   We care about our Kentucky social workers and want to listen to you, so please reach out to us and let’s start the conversations!

We are looking for energetic and dedicated social workers to complete our Board of Directors(BOD) in the following positions:  Northern Branch Chair, Northeast Branch Chair, Southeast Branch Chair, and BSW Representative.  If you are interested in a BOD position, or would like to schedule a time for a visit by NASWKY, please contact me at:

Our NASW Kentucky Facebook and Twitter pages are getting busy, so please check out these sites and let us know what you would like to see posted…and a big thank-you to JH for rocking the Tweets!  Our website is getting some much needed love and attention so we will keep you posted on the progress!