There is a substantial “rumor” that Governor Bevin will be signing an Executive Order to restructure our independent KY Board of Social Work, along with 39 other boards that the Public Protection Cabinet is determined to restructure into “unit” boards, as early as Thanksgiving or by the end of 2017. NASW-KY is adamant that our independent KY Board of Social Work must remain independent and not be restructured as part of an eight board unit. We must stress that “restructuring” does not save “tax payer” money because it is OUR LICENSURE DUES that support our independent KY Board of Social Work. In fact, OUR LICENSURE DUES may go into the General Fund and we are deeply concerned about how our dues will be used to maintain and support the current excellence, and future growth, of our KY Board of Social Work if this Executive Order is signed.

Our KY Board of Social Work has consistently provided expertise, effectiveness, and efficiency, for our licensees and future licensed social workers. Our KY Board of Social Work provides licensure protection for licensed social workers, our profession, and our citizens. It is not in the best interest of our KY Board of Social Work to be combined with multiple mental health boards, under the direction of one Executive Director. We have a stellar Executive Director, staff, and social work board focused exclusively on our professional licensure and our very specific education, training, scope of practice, code of ethics, and our unique skill sets. And it is OUR LICENSURE DUES that pay for our independent KY Board of Social Work…

We are encouraging social workers across Kentucky to write to Governor Bevin and our Legislators to confirm that we are against the restructuring of our KY Board of Social Work. We are the voices that need to be heard as we work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for our Kentucky citizens, especially during such a difficult time in our state. We are respectful, resourceful, and resilient….and we are ready for our collective voices to be heard by our elected officials. Past legislators were the ones to enact legislation that resulted in the creation of our independent boards and consolidating boards is in violation of the laws that created our independent boards.

Please join us and help us to engage other social workers across the state who may not be aware of this “rumored” Executive Order to restructure our KY Board of Social Work before the end of 2017. Please do not delay in sending emails or faxing letters to Governor Bevin http://governor.ky.gov/contact/ and copying your Legislators http://lrc.ky.gov/ so that our collective voices are heard before, and after, the Thanksgiving holiday. Let us work together to make sure our voices resonate in 2017, and beyond.

We have also hired an excellent lobbyist for NASW-KY so we are taking the issues impacting our profession very seriously. NASW-KY thanks you in advance for your support and your voice as we move through these challenging times.