Updates on board restructuring!!

Dear Members,

Over the past year, we have been diligent and determined in providing as much information as we can regarding the rumors of an Executive Order or legislation to restructure our Kentucky Board of Social Work, as outlined by the Public Protection Cabinet. As anticipated, the bill to now restructure 43 professional licensure boards will be filed within days. We learned of this when our lobbyist received the initial 350 page draft on Monday evening. We attended a meeting yesterday at the Public Protection Cabinet and are actively engaged in advocating for our KY Board of Social Work. We are very appreciative of the work that our lobbyist, Michael Gray, and the legal counsel at our National NASW office in DC, have done and continue to do on our behalf. We assure you we are doing everything we can prior to this bill being filed to address our concerns as we advocate for our independent KY Board of Social Work.

Once we have the bill number, we need your voices, energy, and determination to advocate for our independent KY Board of Social Work. We are going to send out “talking points” to help you as you reach out to the L&O committee where this bill will be heard, as well as your individual Representatives and Senators, and the Governor. The proposed bill has the KY Board of Social Work in the “Health and Restoration Authority” along with the list below, and needless to say, OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD! We have respectfully requested that our KY BSW be in its own “Authority” such as medical, nursing, and pharmacy will be in this restructure.

KY Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Kentucky Board of Dentistry
Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology
Kentucky Board of Optometric Examiners
Kentucky Board of Respiratory Care
Kentucky Board of Podiatry
Kentucky Board of Physical Therapy
Kentucky Board of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy

Rest up and be prepared to make your presence and voices known because we will be heard across the state!

In Peace and Solidarity,

NASW-KY Board of Directors