The National Association of Social Workers (NASW-KY) and Kentucky Society for Clinical Social Work (KSCSW) are very excited to kick off the new year with updates on our plans to celebrate our social work profession on Thursday, March 8, 2018 during Social Work Lobby Day 2018!  We have our Rally in the Rotunda scheduled from 1pm-2pm and look forward to having professional and student social workers from across the state join us in Frankfort.  This is the perfect time to celebrate Social Work Month so we have packed our Rally with inspiring voices from our profession.  We are also busy developing some other great opportunities for you to enjoy before the Rally, so here are some of our ideas.  We will be sending out a separate invitation for you to sign up to attend, but please feel free to contact us anytime with questions.
**We are beginning to train Lobby Captains to guide tours during the morning prior to the Rally.  Our Lobby Captains will lead small groups around the Annex and the Capitol and provide a wealth of information about our legislative process.  We can adjust the times to fit your schedules and group size, so please let us know what works best for you.  We also hope that you will encourage your students and faculty to make appointments with some of the legislators from your areas or those legislators supporting bills that are of interest to your students and communities, as it would be a worthwhile project for students and add to their Social Work Lobby Day 2018 experience.  We welcome any Lobby Captain volunteers from your schools to work with us too, so please send us an email and we can work out our Zoom training schedules with you at
**We have three mansion tours beginning at 9:30am/10:00am/10:30am for 6o people to attend each tour.  Our upcoming invitation will allow you to sign up in advance for each tour. 
**We have created a wonderful Advocacy Tool-Kit that you can download and share as part of your course studies to get our future social workers engaged and active.  We are hopeful that your students will begin, or continue, to write letters to their legislators on issues that are important to them as well as reinforcing the impact our voices can have on policies:
We also want to share the link to KET so you can catch up on the daily activities during the 2018 session:
We sincerely appreciate the difficulties that financial cutbacks on our colleges and universities have placed on the ability to travel by buses with students.  We have worked very hard to make everyone feel included regardless of whether you are able to join us in Frankfort on March 8th or not.  We are working on our Advocacy Tool-Kit live Webinar event that will take place on Tuesday, January 23, from 12pm-1pm via Zoom.  We have also created a YouTube channel where we will post Advocacy Training Modules that can be shared on our social media and utilized in your course activities, so please keep an eye on our NASW Kentucky and KSCSW Facebook pages for more announcements about these events!   
For this year’s Social Work Lobby Day 2018, NASW-KY and KSCSW are encouraging YOU to be part of our event in a creative and empowering way.  We are kicking things off today by featuring our new campaign: “Advocacy is important to social work because…”  Each day between now and Social Work Lobby Day 2018, we will feature professional and student social workers from around Kentucky telling us why they believe advocacy is crucial to our profession.  Want to get featured?  Just print the sign in our Advocacy Toolkit,  or create your own and answer why advocacy is important.  Take a picture with the sign, email it to us at and we will add your photo to our Social Work Lobby Day 2018 Facebook campaigns on NASW Kentucky and KSCSW Facebook pages.  We will download them and share pictures beginning next week for every day up to Social Work Lobby Day on our social media with #KYSWLobbyDay2018.
And we aren’t done yet highlighting your imagination and passion because we would like to share any videos your school creates about advocacy and social justice that you may be posting on your Facebook page.  Filming of letter writing campaigns, your sign making, or class projects on advocacy, would be a great addition to our social media.  We want to showcase your talents and engage and educate our community and political partners so that our voices can make a difference across our state!
We welcome all professionals, agencies, committees, etc., to become involved so please feel free to share this email with as many social workers as you can.  We are also available to come to your classes, or social work associations, and chat about Social Work Lobby Day 2018, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!
In peace and solidarity,
Brenda Rosen, MSW, CSW, ACHP-SW
NASW-KY Executive Director
Jennifer C. Godbey, LCSW
President, KSCSW