Good afternoon,

I had hoped our last day of Social Work Month would bring a message of peace and joy for all of the good things that we deserve to celebrate as we continue to do our best for our clients and citizens across Kentucky, and I promise that newsletter will happen very soon……

But for now, it appears there is a “rumor” that Governor Bevin may choose to merge our Board of Social Work with the other “mental health” Boards in Kentucky.  As social workers, we strive to work collaboratively and respectfully with our fellow professionals across the state, and we do a great job of it.  Each Board has their own specific licenses, Code of Ethics, Board of Directors, fees, and professional expertise.  We value our relationships with these professional groups, and I am quite sure every Board would prefer to maintain their own separate entities and identities.  Our professional license fees go to support the state employees who staff our Boards.  Consolidating Boards may result in both layoffs to staff with families to support, as well as reduced efficiency in running the Boards effectively and consistently.

What I am requesting is that we each reach out to both Governor Bevin, and our Legislators, who are now home.  We must ask respectfully that the Board of Social Work be maintained separately as it is now.  Our Board of Social Work is working very hard for us.  Every member of our Board of Social Work is incredibly committed to supporting our profession, and every social worker seeking or maintaining their license in Kentucky.  Our services and resources will be very limited if we are combined with multiple other Boards.

There has never been a better time for us to speak up for the future of our profession!  This is the time when our political leaders need to embrace and support us so we can work together to improve our Cabinet, engage and empower our agencies, non-profits, and institutions across our state.  Above all, we need to empower our profession, our 22 schools across the state that educate our future social workers, and each other, so we can continue to do this work day in and out. We need our own KY Board of Social Work and therefore, it is up to us to make our voices heard.

Please take a few moments on this last day of Social Work Month and contact Governor Bevin and your Legislators. Every voice matters.  Share with them what social work means to you, the positive relationship we have with our Board of Social Work, and the hope that we will continue to work together to benefit our vulnerable Kentuckians and communities.  Please share this letter with everyone you know, including members of the other Boards who will also be asking their professionals to do the same.  Time is of the essence here, so please do not delay and make a call, email, and/or FAX.

****To contact Governor Bevin:
Phone:  502-564-2611   TDD:  502-564-9551
FAX:  502-564-2517

click on “contact” to left of his picture.

****To contact your Legislator at home:

or call 1-502-564-8100, ext. 517    PLEASE DO BOTH!!

On behalf of the NASW-KY Board of Directors, I thank you in advance for your attention to this letter and for your voice and support!

In peace and solidarity,
Brenda Rosen, MSW, CSW, ACHP-SW
Executive Director, NASW-KY