November Updates and Legislative Alert!


As we welcome the last month of 2018, we do so with an URGENT request for attention to our LEGISLATIVE ALERT. We are ready and determined to engage our elected officials and oppose this Board Restructuring Proposal. Please take a few moments and read this statement and join us in person on December 10th at 10am in the Annex in Frankfort, and/or by contacting those who represent you, Rep. Koenig and the Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations committee members. Let’s turn up the volume on our voices and be heard across the state! Thank you!

LEGISLATIVE ALERT: Oppose Board Restructuring Proposal:

From: Jennifer Connor Godbey, LCSW, KSCSW President, Brenda Rosen, NASW-KY Executive Director, and Lori Vogel, LCSW, KASSW President

Rep. Adam Koenig R- House District 69 will present proposed restructuring bill at Dec. 10, 2018 at the Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations Committee meeting at 10 am in Room 209 in the Annex building at the State Capitol.

This proposed bill is another misguided attempt to combine the Board of Social Work with a myriad of other boards; this will harm social work practice. Our long-standing independent Board of Social Work represents LCSW, CSW, and LSW’s well because of our higher standards of ethical practice and the unique education we receive to integrate social work practice with social justice. Consider if a complaint against you was being heard by clinicians with different training and ethical standards. The pioneers in our profession fought hard to set these guidelines, our independent board is the most effective and efficient way to ensure that licensed social workers in our state practice within these standards, get quality and up to date education and resolve disciplinary issues fairly and consistently. As the largest group of mental health providers in Kentucky, we need to fight to maintain our own Board.

Please come to the meeting AND notify your representatives, Rep. Adam Koenig R- House District 69 and Licensing, Occupations, and Administrative Regulations committee members with the following message: “I am a member of the Kentucky Society for Clinical Social Work/the National Association of Social Workers, Kentucky Chapter,/Kentucky Association for School Social Work, and a constituent [if you are]. Please oppose any Board Restructuring Proposal which will undermine social work practice and the mental health of Kentucky citizens.”

Thanks for your participation.

For email: Click this link for directions:

We need as many LCSWs there as possible! Please arrange your schedule to attend, and let me know if you are coming. Time is sometimes changed up until the time of meeting: Please check

**Please remember to schedule Social Work Lobby Day in your 2019 calendars for Thursday, March 7, 2019. Our Rally in the Rotunda will be at 1pm. More information to follow.

Here are some important update from our national office:

NASW Statements Address Courts, Immigration, Discrimination and Hate Crimes

Weekly, we are holding our breath for news about another mass murder by an aggrieved citizen against a group of innocent people. The last three months have been particularly challenging as we have mourned the deaths of more than 25 victims in three communities, debated the impact of sexual assault in our lives, and witnessed growing anxiety about immigrants of color in our nation. All recent NASW public statements can be found online and in social media.

MyNASW Community Hosts Over 950 Member Discussions

The new MyNASW online community is one of our most popular new offerings. Since the service launched in July, NASW members have posted more than 950 different conversation threads on a wide range of macro and micro issues. More than 15,000 members have logged on and participated in conversations ranging from conservatives in social work to navigating managed care challenges.

CE Tracker Reduces Time Managing CE Credits

The much-anticipated CE Tracker will launch next month. Several hundred NASW members have pre-registered for the service at the $20 discount rate. That special promotion ends on Dec. 1 and access to the service will begin soon after. CE Tracker, a new online tool, tells social workers exactly what they need to renew their license and tracks progress along the way. Yearly subscription rates: $20 NASW members, $35 non-members through Dec. 1, 2018. After Dec. 15, $25 NASW members, $40 non-members.

***We have been having so much fun organizing and sending out our “Gratitude” letters and lanyards to each of you. We decided to share the letter on this email to make sure that everyone knows to be expecting our gift of appreciation over the next two weeks!


The state of being grateful

Readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness


We hope you will enjoy wearing your NASW-KY lanyard as a token of our gratitude for your commitment to our social work profession and your NASW membership. As we look forward to a new year and endless possibilities ahead, we want to share how much we appreciate YOU throughout the year. Here’s to celebrating and honoring each of you for all you do, day in and out, for our citizens, our communities and our Commonwealth.

It has been so rewarding to work together to provide conferences, book clubs, school visits, and community events across the state. Our Kentucky Chapter is growing and we are so excited for what we can do together in 2019. Our Social Work Lobby Day is on Thursday, March 7, 2019 and we can’t wait to rally in the People’s House in Frankfort at 1pm! MyNASW has been a huge hit and we are hearing great reviews about this new networking opportunity. The NASW CEU Tracker is coming soon too. We are determined to offer a larger conference venue in 2019, so we have a lot to look forward to in 2019. And most of all, we need your ideas, input, and inspiration!

We are very excited to announce that we have hired a Membership Coordinator, Anna Thomas-Brien, MSW, CSW. Anna had served on our NASW-KY Board of Directors for the past four years as our Purchase Branch Chair and she is absolutely delightful. We can’t wait for her to begin this new contract position this month. Anna will be calling every NASW-KY member and we know you will really enjoy chatting with her. Her new email is:

We are doing our best to stay connected with newsletters and updates. Please do us a favor and check your NASW membership portal to make sure your email is current so we can make sure you are receiving our emails as all changes to your account must be made by you to our national office:

Whatever your holiday celebrations or quiet reflections may be as we head into the new year, we wish you each peace and a safe and happy November and December. We are sincerely grateful for each of you!

In peace and solidarity,

Tony Goodwin, Karen Moore, Amy Cappiccie, Randy Stafford, Erin Warfel, Jenny Koranyi. Renee Sartin, Dana Sullivan, Tori Monnett, Scott Callahan, and Elizabeth Muwanga, NASW-KY Board of Directors

Brenda Rosen, Executive Director