NASWKY statement on the election

In response to the election victory of Donald Trump, NASWKY echoes the concerns posted by the National organization. The campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump, in which he blatantly and repeatedly overlooked both respect for and the rights of women, people of color, and immigrants, not to mention his derisory and divisive language used around the debate platform with the specific aim of stirring the cauldrons of unrest, make him one of the most unusual, if not obtuse, candidates for the office of President in history.
In our noble profession, we stand on the side of those who are often the victims in an unbalanced system, and whomsoever holds the office of President does not diminish that responsibility. There has also been a tectonic shift in Kentucky politics, with a Republican held House Majority for the first time in nearly a century.
Speculation as to what the results of the elections mean, certainly in terms of the prevailing will of the people, is largely moot. We do, however, understand without speculation that our profession faces a dramatically different political climate and landscape over the next two to four years.
We must continue to hold a light in the face of injustice and discrimination, and fight for equality and equitable distribution throughout or society. We must remain steadfast and vocal in the face of opposition as we hold our elected officials accountable in the office to which we, the people, elected them. We must remain committed advocates for all of the children of our state, and stand up for the vulnerable whenever they call us to action. We maintain that access to affordable and appropriate healthcare is a right for all citizens, and encourage our membership to continue to lead the charge for continued healthcare coverage to all across the Commonwealth. And we must remain impassioned, committed advocates for Women’s rights; the right to reproductive choice, the right to birth control, and the right to education and access in order to make free and informed personal choices in matters of healthcare service provision.
The mass media would have us believe we are a fractured and splintered nation, a nation headed for a catastrophic collapse of civil discourse around an increasingly polarized political system. Or perhaps the schism is opening up even further between the “have’s” and the “have not’s”. Either way, the social worker is up to the task of wading through the ambiguity to get to the heart of amicable solutions, uniting as we go, ensuring that the rights and responsibilities of this profession are duly carried out for those we serve. We promote social change, the empowerment of our citizens, and social development. As we gather our thoughts, some hopeful for change, still others perhaps feeling marginalized by a force that didn’t make itself known until the results of the election, it is important that we go forward together.
NASWKY stands ready at the side of our membership. Please reach out to us if you need us. Together, we are not the weavers, but the woven. We are not the deciders, but we are the decision.