NASW-October Newsletter 2017

I have always been one who shares what is on my mind, but I have found it almost impossible to collect my thoughts and emotions over the past weeks. We have watched our country devastated by hurricanes and earthquakes that have caused untold deaths and destruction, the horrific mass murder just days ago in Las Vegas, and the ongoing uncertainty and unrest politically as we fight for health care, gun control, mental health awareness and support, and the ongoing tax debates, to name just a few of our tragedies and trials. Our world is in crisis, and each day seems to bring more sadness and despair.
Is there hope? Are we resilient enough to navigate these heartbreaks as we watch people suffer beyond what words can describe? Will empathy and compassion help us to heal? Will it ever be enough? Truth be told, we social workers know there are always more questions than answers in this thing called life. We have the skills and abilities to try and help bridge the divides that are separating so many people and so many issues and so many needs, but to do this we must reach out to each other in support, in peace, and in solidarity. We must not be afraid to admit we are overwhelmed and exhausted, and we must be kind to ourselves as we reach out to help, eyes wide open and voices strong in support of those who need us….
So, to each of you we promise to do our best to keep you engaged through our social media, our new Meet, Mingle, and Mentor events, our Lobby Day plans, our future conferences across the state and all of the fun local events that we can post and share and participate in…. we are here and we will get through this together. For this, I am certain.

We are so excited to announce that Tony Goodwin, our former 2nd VP has stepped into the role of our 2017-2019 NASW-KY President. Tony brings a calm, focused, and brilliant mind to his new role and he is more than ready to lead our Chapter and our fantastic Board of Directors. Tony has spent years working in Bosnia doing international relief work and this is just one of his many accomplishments and passions. Tony has been very busy working on the Day of Dignity which will be held in Lexington at Douglas Park on Saturday, October 28th. Please come out and meet him and his lovely wife and daughter. Baby Boy Goodwin will make his debut in January, 2018!
Tony stepped into the Presidency after James Haggie resigned last month to focus on his new role as the LSW Representative on our KY Board of Social Work. We are thrilled that these two fine gentlemen are working for our best interests representing Kentucky social workers in their new roles.

New NASW National Website
Recently, NASW National unveiled their newly renovated website! The new site has a fresh look, lovely design, and has improved the layout in a more organized fashion. Some of the site seems to still be under construction, but it sounds like features are coming in waves. Click here to check out the new site here!

Assurance Services
After Hurricane Irma struck, and now Hurricane Maria, social workers from across the U.S. responded by offering their professional abilities to assist in relief efforts. One of the barriers to contributing, however, is the restriction of social workers being protected by their insurance policies across state lines. The NASW Risk Retention Group has responded to the barrier by waiving policy provisions to allow social workers to provide disaster relief services. This means that members with NASW professional liability insurance will receive the same coverage in affected areas as their home state for the next year! If you would like to learn more about this, follow the link here

Upcoming Events and CEU Opportunities
Meet, Mingle, and Mentor: This month, we started a new event called “Meet, Mingle, and Mentor.” This is an opportunity for us social workers – students, recently employed, and seasoned veterans alike – to get together and share experiences (and earn 1 FREE CEU at the same time!). Last month we had Meet, Mingle, and Mentor events in Lexington, Paducah and Louisville, and were thrilled by the turnout and look forward to hosting more of these in the very near future!
The Western Branch will be hosting the next Meet, Mingle, and Mentor Brunch at the new Panera at 4871 Fort Campbell Blvd, Hopkinsville on Saturday, October 14 from 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Feel free to come, meet some social workers, enjoy some snacks, and earn a CEU while you’re at it! To RSVP, email Brenda Rosen:
October 11th Northern Branch Training and Disabilities Empowerment Conference!
From 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. there will be a training at the Life Learning Center in Covington, KY for 3 CEUs. The training will cover intervention and treatment strategies for resistant clients with mental health and substance abuse disorders and will be presented by Geoff Wilson, LCSW, CADC. The event costs $12.50 for NASW members and $25 for non-members. Please register with Brenda at:
Then from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. there will be a Disabilities Empowerment Conference at the same location for an additional 3 CEUs. This event brings families, caregivers, support groups, organizations and businesses together to advocate for people with disabilities. People can connect with others and organizations will have a chance to showcase their services. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit vendors and attend three information sessions. If you wish to attend this free event, follow the link here!
Lobby Day 2018
Lobby Day might be 5 months away, but we are hard at work to make this an unforgettable event! Be sure to look out for details in the coming weeks; in the meantime, mark your calendars for March 8th! And let us know what YOU want to see, do, and learn during Social Work Lobby Day 2018!

We are indeed living in some very difficult times, so we wanted to check in with everyone and reinforce our commitment of support and solidarity to you and to our profession. We have posted numerous articles and resources on our NASW Facebook page in light of what has happened in Charlottesville over the week-end, and the concerns about this horrific event repeating itself in our own state. As social workers we are skilled communicators, problem solvers, and critical thinkers. We are champions of social justice and true believers in the role and importance of advocacy. Fighting discrimination, stigmas, and racism as well as valuing the importance of diversity and respecting each other is ingrained in all we do as social workers.  We certainly have our work cut out for us in this very divided country of ours.
As a way to reach out and support social workers in recovery, we have created a closed Facebook page on our NASW Facebook that provides an opportunity for you to share your stories and reach out to each other in support for both our students and professional social workers. The response to this page has been astounding and we sincerely want to hear your thoughts on what else we can do. We have also created a open page focusing on self care strategies and stories. Our regular page also has many posts on self care, but we chose to make one specifically for this very necessary and welcome topic. Check us out:
We are also getting in gear as you can see below to Kick It Up in Kentucky with lots of different programs and events! As we mentioned in our July newsletter, we are so excited to begin offering our Meet, Mingle, and Mentor gatherings. We want your input on what times work best for you, so we are going to try out a few different ways to help both students and professionals engage, network, and inspire. These are free events for members and future members, and we will offer a FREE CEU since the focus of these events will be around self-care, professionalism, and healthy boundaries. Please come and enjoy a very relaxed chance to meet others and share your thoughts in a collaborative environment of peers.
We also have two great conferences coming up, so don’t delay and sign up quickly! We are going to be sending out a survey of program topics you would like to see presented in the coming year since we are trying our best to make sure we offer conferences that both educate and empower. Our survey should be out in September, so please be sure to take a few moments to complete it!
As you can see, our plan to change from Constant Contact to a new server hasn’t happened yet as we navigate how our webpage will be changing with our National office. We are concerned that some of you are missing these newsletters and/or our direct emails. I have spoken with National and they have encouraged everyone to check your Member Portals to make sure all of your information is current, and also to contact our National office and speak with someone directly to request any changes. Please check and update any information so we can make sure everyone is getting all the good stuff happening in Kentucky.
As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! Here’s to some peaceful and joyful moments ahead for us all.
What’s happening around our state in 2017??
Wednesday, September 6th – South Central Branch Conference – Bowling Green
9am-12pm – Ethics for Re-licensure
1pm – 4pm – LCSW Supervision According to KY Law
Holiday Inn Conference Center
1021 Wilkinson Trail
Bowling Green, KY
$25/NASW Member   $50/Non-member
Contact Brenda to register:
Saturday, September 16th – Bluegrass Branch – Lexington
Meet, Mingle, and Mentor Breakfast 9am-11am.
Location to be announced. 1 FREE CEU
Monday, September 18th – South Eastern Branch – London
Human Trafficking 101
Presented by the Southeast Human Trafficking Task Force
Program 6-7pm – Auditorium
1 FREE CEU and networking too. Sandwiches and snacks provided.
To register, please contact Gwen at 606-864-5759 or on-line at:
Saturday, September 30th – Jefferson Branch – Louisville
Meet, Mingle, and Mentor Breakfast 9am-11am
Campbellsville University Campus, Louisville
1 FREE CEU and networking too.
Contact Brenda to register:
Wednesday, October 11th – Northern Branch – Covington
9am-12pm – Ethics for Re-Licensure
$12.50/NASW Member  $25.00/Non-member
Life Learning Center
20 W. 18th Street
Covington, KY 41011
****The Disabilities Empowerment conference will be held in the same location following our Ethics training at the Life Learning Center from 1pm-6pm on October 11th. This conference is FREE and NASW-KY will be providing 3 FREE CEU’s for the 2pm-5pm program. REGISTRATION IS SEPARATE FROM THE ETHICS PROGRAM, so please contact the below link to register for The Disabilities Empowerment conference:
For questions, please call 513-520-5203.
Meet, Mingle, and Mentor Breakfasts (or pizza parties) are being planned in Murray, Morehead, Hazard, Prestonsburg, Covington, and Ashland, with dates and times to be announced very soon!  Check out our Branches and the counties they cover:
We have recently signed a contract with WeCounsel Telehealth Services that will give NASW-KY members a substantial discount on WeCounsel services. We will be sending out information on how to sign up for this service by next week.
Don’t forget about our wonderful Heartland Book Club! PBCGuru offers 18 CEU’s over the course of a year – 6 books + 3 CEU’s for each = 18 CEU’S!!! For more information, please contact:
  • Earn 3 CEUs for each book that they read and pass a short quiz with a score of 80% or more. The group will read six books per year so participants can earn up to 18 CEUs per year depending on their state(s) of licensure.
  • Read interesting books related to social work
  • Connect with other social workers to grow their professional network and learn from their peers
  • Participate entirely online so the program can work with people’s busy schedules
  • Hold themselves accountable to reading by being part of a cohort
To sign up please visit and follow the steps to sign up. The program is $49 per year for chapter members and includes the online quizzes for CEU credit.
Members receive $20 off the full price of $69 with this code: MOAK2016230