June Updates

Greetings, Members!

Earlier this week in Washington, DC. NASW CEO, Dr. Angelo McClain, addressed the policy of arresting immigrant adults and separating them from their children. His address follows the NASW statement sent out by NASW earlier this month: https://bit.ly/2JfDSQZ
Today (June 22), NASW provided an additional statement about these actions and demanded humane policy changes: https://bit.ly/2IhkH4E. We are very proud of the stance that NASW is taking regarding these atrocities and anticipate that there will be additional statements following the executive order signed this week and the continued questions surrounding future actions towards those seeking asylum and their children.

To say this is one of the most reprehensible things we have ever witnessed in our lifetime would be an understatement. The images of these children and adolescents taken without any regard to the trauma this is causing them is a disgrace. As social workers, we know all too well the emotional, mental, physical, and psychological harm being done right before our eyes and the anger and helplessness it is causing us cannot be ignored. We have been very vocal on our NASW Kentucky Facebook page and on our social media because we must speak up and speak out against this travesty of justice. We must continue to let our elected officials know our professional expertise and opinions on the mental health trauma being inflicted on these innocent children.

We are reaching out to groups who are working directly with these shelters and will keep you posted on any opportunities to get involved locally and in Texas. In addition, here are some actions we can take to help these children: https://bit.ly/2K9DIL Thank you so much for your advocacy and commitment to helping those caught in this political and moral nightmare.


Interested in Volunteering with NASW-KY? Join a Committee!

Speaking of getting involved, please check out our NASW-KY Committee Opportunities. As we build our presence in Kentucky, we need your involvement now more than ever! As you can see below, NASW-KY has a number of committees that you can join. The amount of time is not intensive, but the impression you can leave on this state – and its social workers – is monumental.
We are really hoping to get a great response from those of you who would like to get more involved with our chapter. In fact, can you think of some other committees you would like to see represented? Send us an email and let us know what you are interested in doing because now more than ever we need to kick up the fun and friendship these committees can offer!! See below for information about the committee opportunities or feel free to download the attachment here.


Legislative and Advocacy Committee
Seeking five members
Description: Legislative and Advocacy Committee members will be responsible for:
Arranging NASW-Kentucky’s legislative agenda
Researching legislation, social policy, and social programs
Writing policy statements
Other duties as issues arise
Committee position includes a monthly call (one hour) to discuss legislative issues though the amount of time needed for this position varies by time of year.

Lobby Day Planning Committee
Seeking 4 members PLUS 1 student representative for every college/school of social work in the state.
Description: Members of the Planning Committee will assist in the development of NASW-Kentucky’s annual Lobby Day event. Responsibilities include:
Creating an event agenda
Scheduling speakers
Coordinating with colleges/schools of social work and student representatives.
Developing resources for Lobby Day attendants (informational packets, handouts, freebies for attendants).
Committee position requires up to 2 hours per month with 1-hour monthly meetings (September – March).

Membership Committee
Seeking 4 members.
Description: The Membership committee explores approaches that engage Chapter members in meaningful ways. Committee members will be responsible for developing:
Social media posts campaigns
Marketing materials (ads, flyers, newsletters)
Chapter events
Member outreach strategies
Position requires approximately 2-3 hours of work per month. Meetings to occur as needed.

Gifts and Development Committee
Seeking 3-4 members
Description: Gifts and Development members will form a fundraising strategy for NASW-Kentucky. Members are responsible for:
Working with the Executive Director and Board members to define short-term and long-term funding needs.
Pursuing funding options (traditional fundraisers, grants, sponsorships).
Position requires approximately 2-3 hours of work per month. Meetings to occur as needed.

Diversity Committee
Seeking 5 members
Description: Promote social and cultural issues impacting Kentucky citizens. Committee members will explore and discuss issues facing citizens and ways to engage and empower meaningful dialogue and provide educational resources as appropriate.
One virtual meeting a month with email communication as necessary.

CEU Committee
Seeking 3 members
Description: Explore CEU opportunities, help to plan NASW-KY regional and state conferences, review proposals for conference speakers as needed.
One monthly virtual call and email communication as necessary, conference support and attendance at regional and/or state conferences and NASW-KY events.