February Updates and HB 178


This has been quite a hectic time for our busy chapter so here is a quick run down of what is happening across our state:

**HB 178 was filed on Wednesday by Rep. Adam Koenig. This is the 2019 Restructuring bill similar to the previous HB 165 last year that passed the House but was not heard in the Senate. We are ready, resilient, and respectful as we brave another session with unwavering commitment to maintaining the independent KY Board of Social Work. While we are in support of a measure to provide “oversight” per the NC Dental Board Case, we believe HB 178 to be the most extreme vetting and unnecessary. There are 43 licensure boards impacted, including 18 independent boards (please see 2nd attachment) who are completely self funded by licensure fees, such as the KY BSW. The BSW would now be one of fifteen boards under the Behavioral Health and Wellness Authority. This “Authority” will have one executive director. Social workers are the largest provider of mental health services in Kentucky with almost 6,000 licensed social workers. The efficient and effective expertise of the KY BSW staff has always aligned with our scope of practice, our code of ethics, and our commitment to protecting our licenses, our profession, and most importantly our vulnerable citizens.

We are preparing a statement and encourage you to email us with your input and thoughts as we read through the 214 page bill over the next few days. We will provide a sample script and encourage you to add your own experiences and reflections as you reach out to engage our elected officials. We will continue to meet with our elected officials and encourage you to contact your representatives as this restructuring impacts not only us as licensed professionals, but as consumers. And voters. We have also included the list of House Standing Committee members, which no longer includes the only social worker in our House/Senate, Rep. Susan Westrom, MSW. We will be contacting these committee members again to meet with them and encourage you to share your thoughts with them. It is important that we welcome our new legislators and take the time to educate them about our profession and why we have been advocating against the restructuring of the independent KY BSW. It is also imperative that we look past “party” lines because our citizens deserve the very best professional protections our licensure can provide and many of our elected officials may be unaware of the impact of this bill. We do ask you to cc your legislators on your emails with the House Standing Committee members so that everyone is engaged and educated with our ongoing resilient and respectful communications.

Here is the link to access the HB 178:


Here is the list of House Standing Committee members:


**Please share the 2019 Social Work Lobby Day flyer (attached above) and the link to our fantastic ADVOCACY TOOL-KIT: http://naswky.com/advocacy-tools

We are so proud of our collaborations with our other Kentucky social work associations and look forward to growing our annual Social Work Lobby Days. We are looking forward to celebrating with you so please plan to join us in Frankfort at the ‘People’s House.’

**Please take a few minutes and complete our NASW-KY Legislative and Advocacy Survey! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdjOikAtIRBAZab9U_Sg-UwzYtdw7oIRsG1LQt3YzXCdGxu6g/viewform

**A shout out to our new intern, Shyan Stivers, for her voice in our chapter’s statement, and Greg Wright, from national, for sharing our message globally. We are hoping this is the first and last shutdown but will be prepared with more statements and actions if necessary:


**And a shout-out to our awesome new NASW Kentucky Employment and CEU postings! Please share this with your universities and agencies so we can get people going directly to this page with timely information. We also hope you are enjoying our other NASW Kentucky Facebook pages as we are very excited by the energy and responses!


**In case you didn’t see this from our national office on gun safety:



NORTHEAST BRANCH EVENT: Please join us on Wednesday, February 13 from 8:30 am – 9:30 am for our first NASW-KY Meet, Mingle, and Mentor event in 2019! We are providing a continental breakfast for social work students and professionals at the MSU Ashland campus, 1400 College Drive, Ashland. This will be a time for me to formally introduce myself as the Northeast Branch Chair for the NASW-KY and to talk about the upcoming Social Work Lobby Day on March 7 at Frankfort. We will also be talking about CEU’s you would like to have here in the Ashland/Morehead area because we want to get everyone involved and excited for our regional events. In fact, we are going to offer one FREE CEU for our program so we hope to see you on February 13th. I hope that all of you can stop by and enjoy the morning camaraderie with fellow Social Workers, future Social Workers and the MSU faculty along with Brenda Rosen, the Executive Director of NASW-KY. All NASW members and guests are welcome! Sincerely,
Patrick Callahan, MSW, CSW
NASW-KY Northeast Branch Chair
Please RSVP to Brenda at: brosen.naswky@socialworkers.org

JEFFERSON BRANCH EVENT: Norton Healthcare and NASW-KY are proud to present:
Transgender Concerns in the Medical Setting
All Norton Staff, NASW-KY Members, and community social workers are invited to a presentation by Amirage Saling
Ms. Saling is a Medical Case Manager at the 550 Clinic. She has worked extensively with the LGBTQ community. She will address healthcare related issues specific to the Transgender population, along with the emotional components associated. There will be opportunities for questions and a sharing of concerns.
Please join us on Friday, February 15th, from 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Norton Brownsboro Hospital
1st Floor, near cafeteria, 1 West Classroom
4960 Norton Healthcare Blvd, Louisville, KY 40241
To register, email jean.vaughn@NortonHealthcare.org Please, include your name and KY social work license number, and NASW membership number if you are a member.
at the door begins at Noon
Social Workers: This activity will provide 1 hours of continuing education units (CEU).
NASW-KY will provide Social Work CEU Certificates following the presentation for all those who have attended the program and completed the evaluation.
Cost: Norton staff and NASW-KY members attend for free.
Non-members will be charged $10, payable by check or cash at registration on February 15th.

I hope to see you at our March 11, 2019 program with Trooper Charlie from the State Police. Registration begins at 12:30pm and our program will begin at 1pm and end at 4pm. Trooper Charlie will have his Drug Truck and discuss identifying individuals who are chemically impaired and illegal substance. He will also educate us on what “doxing” so we can remove our personal information from Google so that our client’s cannot access this on the internet. Trooper Charlie does a fantastic presentation so we hope you can join us on Monday, March 11 from 1-4pm. This program is FREE for NASW-KY members and $25.00 for non-members. Three CEU’s will be given at the end of the program so you do not want to miss the first of many exciting opportunities for our branch to get together! Our program will be held at the:
St. Elizabeth Training and Education Center3861 Olympic Blvd Banquet Room A, Erlanger, KY 41018
Karen Thompson, LCSW
Northern Branch Chair
Please contact Brenda to register: brosen.naswky@socialworkers.org.

We will be sending out our statement regarding HB 178, and more Branch events next week!
We look forward to hearing from you. As always, THANK YOU for everything you are doing to make our social work profession proud!