December 2017 Newsletter

A Message from the Executive Director


I have to admit that this is my favorite time of the year, especially as we enjoy a spring like day before winter is officially here. What makes this the best time of the year has evolved through my life from the unbridled excitement of Santa and school vacations as a younger me to the reflections of a mid-age woman looking back on the events of the year and the simple pleasures that mean more to me as the years pass. Throw in the birthday, and I am honestly just thankful I have lived to see another candle on the cake.

It is the perfect time of the year to learn more about other traditions and rituals of celebration, gratitude, and reflection, shared by other cultures. We have been posting a lot on our social media about our diverse cultures and I am always reminded how lucky we are to learn and explore what this season represents to other people across Kentucky and in our world. And there is no better time in our country to appreciate and respect our diversity than now with so many reminders around us of discord and conflict. We shall choose to embrace, empower, and enjoy, whatever December and the new year celebrations means to each of us.

I would like to also share our gratitude to YOU for your voices and your passion for our profession in the letters, emails, and calls, you made on behalf of our fight against the potential restructuring of our KY Board of Social Work throughout 2017. It is our understanding that the restructuring has been postponed again but we are well aware there could be an Executive Order or a bill filed through the end of February to change the legislation that made our KY BSW (and many others) independent. Though I would love to say it is no longer a threat for our KY BSW and 38 other professional licensure boards, it appears we will ride this roller coaster into the new year. We are very excited to have our lobbyist, Michael Gray, working on behalf of our profession and NASW, so we do have much to be grateful for as the year ends because together our voices are holding strong regarding this issue. We promise to keep you posted and we sincerely THANK YOU in advance for everything we will continue to do in 2018 to advocate for our independent KY Board of Social Work!

NASW-KY will continue to advocate both on our state and national level with NASW in supporting issues that may negatively impact our vulnerable populations, our country, and our profession. Though some members may not always agree with some of the positions that NASW takes on political and policy issues, we will hopefully continue to work together in the best interests of our vulnerable clients and communities across the country. If there has ever been a profession that respects the person-in-the-environment approach to viewing our citizens and our world, it is ours and it is through this lens that we can hopefully continue to navigate and empower our voices into the new year.

We just posted an article on our NASW Facebook page yesterday that captures the horrible impact our financial crisis will continue to have here in Kentucky. The tax bill, pension crisis, and the deadly Medicaid cuts will be top priorities for us social workers in the new year and beyond: If you aren’t already reading our NASW Kentucky Facebook page, Twitter, or website, please make it a 2018 resolution to do so

In peace and solidarity,


Member Survey Results

A heartfelt thank you to all who participated in the survey that was posted over the past few months regarding member satisfaction. Though we would have hoped for more than 87 participants out of over 1500 members, we are grateful for your voices and sharing your opinions with us. We will be hosting another survey in April, so please remember to complete the survey so your opinions are heard. Your voice matters to us! Be sure to look at our January newsletter, as it will feature the survey results!

Upcoming Events

Save-these-dates: January 23rd from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. and February 20th  from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. We will be hosting our very first Advocacy Training Webinar with one FREE CEU for NASW members. We have chosen to host these events during lunch breaks so that both individuals and agencies can participate. We will also be sharing prerecorded versions of these webinars online, but they won’t count for credit so please schedule these dates in your 2018 planners now! Lots more information to follow in our 2018 New Year Newsletter coming soon!

On behalf of the NASW-KY Board of Directors, we wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and joyous holiday season and new year!