LEO Task Force

Law Enforcement Officer Task Force

NASWKY is proud to host an ongoing conversation with several partners from across the state to provide resources and training for law enforcement officers, their families, and the mental health practitioners who serve them. Our goal is to identify and advertise existing resources and design new ways to met the needs of this unique population. Empirical evidence shows that the effects of untreated primary and secondary trauma on a person’s physical and emotional wellbeing can be harmful. As practitioners, it is our ethical obligation to mitigate the effects of violence and trauma for our clients and their families in an informed and unbiased process.

Transitioning from the Street to Home (Tips for LEOs and Their Families)

Participating Partners

Deborah Arnold, KYLEAP

Brandi Greenfield, Police Wives of Kentucky

Missy Segress, University of Kentucky

Blake Jones, Private Practitioner/University of Kentucky

Ron Wyatt, Franklin Co Sherriff’s Office

Natalie Wyatt, Spouse of Law Enforcement Officer

Melissa Johnson, NASWKY