Counselor at Recovery Works – Elizabethtown

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Counselor – Elizabethtown
at Recovery Works – Elizabethtown

Function: Counselor is responsible for all treatment aspects of a client’s drug and alcohol treatment program. Serves as a professional staff member and/or team leader of an interdisciplinary team and is responsible directly to the Clinical Director/Director of Substance Abuse Services for the coordination and continuity of care from admission through discharge and follow-up of the residents.

Minimum Qualifications: LCSW, CADC, CSW, LPCC, LPCA, LCADC with demonstrated competence in the role of Counselor and exceptional understanding of the delivery of alcohol and drug services.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

1. Shall provide and for obtain the following therapeutic services as determined by the Treatment Team and specified in the client’s Individual Treatment Plan: individual counseling, family counseling, group counseling, community activities, Facility visits, vocational training, and follow-up care.

2. Shall insure coordination and documentation of contracts with community workers including, preparation of monthly progress reports to community social workers, determination of placement plans according to Treatment plan recommendations.

3. Shall provide / coordinate all drug and alcohol assessments as it relates to the diagnosis of residents.

4. Enters progress notations summarizing all treatment interventions performed for clients on a daily basis including individual, group and family interactions.

5. Shall ensure the completion of all Individual Treatment Plans and their reviews following their perspective time frames.

6. Shall manage and inform the Clinical Director of any and all relevant developments and information affecting the clients and facility operation

7. Shall provide staff duty coverage as scheduled.

8. Shall ensure all programs and activities are in compliance with state and federal regulations, accreditation standards and PTC best practice.

9. Shall demonstrate strong group and motivational interviewing techniques.

10. Shall actively engage patients and work to reduce AMA’s.

11. Coordinates documentation with UR to ensure patients receive level of service care that best meets their needs and time frames.

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