Social Work Ethics for RelicensurePresented by Merry Miller

July 12th, 2014
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Spring Health Care
1401 S 6th St
Murray, KY
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Brief Description:
This is a three hour training focusing on the history and evolution of ethical standards of practice in social work, a review of both the National Association of Social Work Standards and the Code of Ethical Conduct in the Kentucky Regulations and an opportunity for an active application of these concepts to actual case scenarios drawn from the practice of the participants and from other sources.

Overall Goal:
Participants will develop a better understanding of and ability to manage the ethical issues and dilemmas they encounter in practice


  1. Participants will be made familiar with the history and evolution of articulated ethical standards of practice in the profession by presentation.
  2. Participants will demonstrate understanding of the NASW Code of Ethics and the   Code of Ethical Conduct (201 KAR 23:080) that guides practice in Kentucky, by verbal report.
  3. Participants will be able to recognize ethical issues and apply ethical decision making frameworks at a level commensurate with their education and experience as demonstrated in verbal participation.

Course will begin with a brief lecture with opportunities for questions as they might relate to the content areas I – IV. This presentation may be augmented by a PowerPoint, if technology available or a handout. Content area V will be addressed by allowing all participants the opportunity to generate case scenarios from their own social work practice. (This gives the participants, who generally come with a wide variety of backgrounds and educational levels, to get individual needs met) Additionally, whenever possible, groups are mixed for a blend of educational level and experience. In addition, prepared case studies will be made available.

Brief Content Outline:

  • Overview of social work history as it relates to identification of values and development of ethical standards
  • Definitions
  • Review NASW Code and KY Code of ethical conduct
  • Review at least two models of ethical decision making
    • Kirst-Ashman and Hull (adaptation of Lowenberg, Dolgoff and Harrington) and/or
    • Reamer and/or
    • Lowenberg, Dolgoff and Harrington
  • Case Scenarios/Group participation/ Small Group Work (cases provided by presenter as well as generated by participants so as to reflect individual concerns and practice areas of those present)
    • Identify ethical issues
    • Apply an ethical decision making process to a variety of case scenarios representing differing levels of direct and indirect practice 

$30 for NASW Members

$60 for Non Members

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