Board of Directors

Board of Directors

NASW-KY Election Results

President – Anthony Goodwin, BASW, MSW (5/18)

Vice President – Karen Moore, LCSW, LCADC

Secretary – Erin Warfel, LCSW

Bluegrass Branch Chair – Jessica Rice, BSW (12/17)

Jefferson Branch Chair – Renee Sartin, MSW, CSW

Eastern Branch Chair – Thomas Bartley, MSW, CSW

Lake Cumberland Branch Chair – Taylor Dick, MSW, CSW

Northeast Branch Chair – Amanda O’Dell, BSW (12/17)

Northern Branch Chair – Randy Stafford, BSW, MSW (5/18)

Purchase Branch Chair – Anna Thomas-Brien, MSW, CSW

South Central Branch Chair – Sarah Lou Bowman, BSW, MSW (5/18)

Southeast Branch Chair – Alesha Staley, BSW, MSW

Western Branch Chair – Jennifer Koranyi, MSW, CSW

BSW Representative – Patsy Tivett, BSW student

MSW Representative – Ondine Miranda Quinn, MSW student

Executive Director – Brenda Rosen, MSW, CSW, ACHP-SW






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